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A talk at TEDxLimassol
Saturday, September 20, 2014



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Processing.js presentation at Utrecht JavaScript Meetup #3


Processing.js – the JavaScript port of Processing – uses the web –HTML5, canvas, and WebGL– to create 2D and 3D graphics, without developers having to learn those APIs and technologies. Processing.js allows Processing code to be run by any HTML5 compatible browser. Processing.js brings the best of visual programming to the web, both for web and Processing developers.

Join Utrecht JavaScript Meetup #3 on Tuesday, September 16!

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Arturo Castro (SP) :: Carolina Romano (AR) :: Microseq (NL)


The works will be screened in one pass at a very nice museum – and old convent –  in Mexico City. The place is named Ex Teresa Arte Actual.


Remember the project at Salon Bruit in Berlin in 2012? The project related to animation and music from the catalogue of Audition Records? Here is the link http://auditionrecords.com/ram.php

May 15, 2014, Mexico City. More info here…  http://auditionrecords.com/mx.php

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Augmented Audiovisual Objects

I would like to invite you to an Augmented Reality (AR) route through the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. This route is an invitation to the limits of AR technology itself. Sounds from my upcoming album – to be released early in 2015 – are augmented throughout the park in alignment with animated stills based on the work of visual artist Emmanuel Flores Elias.

This work – glitchy, obscure and in every way wrong – is created by misusing AR technology aiming rather to an aesthetically appealing output than following contemporary AR techniques by the book. Sound is optimised for mobile devices in a noisy environment – no headphones needed. It was my intention to let the work interact with the sounds of the central park of the city and the city herself. Visually the work consists partly of a network of oddly shaped canvases imposing – audiovisual – objects to their environment while at a later moment objects like shadows ghostly are passing the screen of your device. Objects will reveal themselves only if you actively search for them.


This route is part of ArtParc at Appril Festival 2014 – a festival about apps and mobile internet in Amsterdam – , with technical support by AugmentNL - a Dutch new media studio providing mobile solutions for Augmented Reality. To discover my work on location you will need a mobile device (iPhone/iPad or any device running Android) with Junaio Augmented Reality Browser installed. You can download Junaio for free through the App Store and Google Play. After installing search for channel “microseq”.

If you are a curator of a gallery, museum or a festival and you would like to host this work in the future please send an e-mail at pandelisdiamantides@gmail.com with the request “augment auviovisual objects at my current location” in the title for more information.


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Microseq at Loop Festival, January 3 & 4, 2014


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“Tune In” at 55th Venice Biennale Art Exhibition

“Tune In” and “Green” are travelling with .pelma. to Venice Biennale, Athens Festival, European Dance Festival and Tanec Praha. Listen to the compositions on Soundcloud . Music & Sound Design by Pandelis Diamantides | Microseq

May 24 & 25
Point Art Centre for Contemporary Art in Nicosia, ‘Tune In’

May 29 – June 2
55th Venice Biennale Art Exhibition, ‘Tune in’

June 7 & 8
Athens festival, ‘Tune In’ and ‘The Shape Of Necessity’

June 9
‘The Shape Of Necessity’ European Dance Festival, Pallas theatre, Nicosia

June 16 & 17
Tanec Praha, Prague, ‘Tune In’

June 18
Olomouc, Check Republic, ‘Tune In’

August 23rd
‘The Shape Of Necessity’, Bassano del Grappa Italy

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Microseq Live AV at Echokamer #2 – Mediamatic Fabriek, Amsterdam


Thu Apr 18, 2013
VOC–kade 10
1018 LG

Echokamer is a series of events during which composers, musicians and other sound-makers experiment with sound at, and with the sound of, Mediamatic Fabriek. The giant industrial hall echoes and erodes, and furthermore produces quite a bit of sound itself. The perfect place for noisy experiments.

More info here …

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Microseq “Green”

‎”Bleeps, microsounds et infrabasses. Un avant goût du paradis en langage binaire.”
(“Bleeps, microsound and infrabass. A taste of paradise in binary language.”) http://www.transmissionary.net about “Green” by Microseq


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Microseq live at The Vortex, London, UK


Microseq live at The Vortex, London, UK – Bigo & Twigetti label night –

“…digital sounds from the extremes of the sonic spectrum with field recordings, looping and live instrumental performance. Expect confrontational digital sounds, melodic conceptual compositions, ambient electronics and animated oil paintings…”

January 10, 2013

more info…


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Microseq “#008000″ Live

…an immersive post-digital sonic world enhanced by the physicality of real-time manipulation of sound-synthesis parameters. Sound is manipulated and deconstructed through a complex network of algorithms and various digital signal processing units. Microseq’s novel (sonic) world pursues musical discourse in terms of developmental sound design, where different styles and forms are being introduced, decomposed and warped…

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