”If there is anything interesting in composing -with or without computers- is the opportunity to deal with abstract concepts while manipulating concrete material. In particular, computer-based compositional systems provide extended control over sound properties and aspects of musical structure presenting the opportunity to merge those two into new musical forms.” Integrating analytical with compositional processes

Pandelis Diamantides has been active at the intersection of electronic art music, new music and pop electronic music; reinvented media of electronic music production and redefined aesthetics as to approach a broader audience to communicate an artistic message talking the language of “pop” culture while using cutting-edge techniques for music composition and performance. This tendency is a manifestation of a post-digital (music) culture.

His debut album “Green” was released by Bigo & Twigetti label (London, UK) in September 2011 and re-released, only some months later, by Linn Records in hi-resolution for the audiophile. The succes of this album is now following a series of interesting collaborations with the visual artist Emmanuel Flores Elias (Monotone Studio), animator Arturo Castro (Reactable Development Team) and choreographer Lia Haraki (Pelma). His music is presented in places like the prestigious TodaysArt Festival , Bozar Museum , Venice Biennale and featured in broadcasts like Late Junction on BBC Radio 3.

A new full-length album is scheduled to be released this spring under the title “False awakenings”.

pandelis.diamantides [at] gmail [dot] com

+31 (0)6 13 05 31 79
Gibraltarstraat 63 II
1055 NK, Amsterdam
The Netherlands