Pandelis Diamantides

”I design abstract objects and the way they evolve and interact over time”

Pandelis Diamantides is a sound and visual artist, that lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has been active at the intersection of electronic music and visual art. He uses cutting-edge techniques for the production and performance of complex audiovisual work. He performs solo under the pseudonym Microseq. His debut album ‘Green’ was released by Bigo & Twigetti (London, United Kingdom) in September 2011 and re-released by Linn Records in hi-resolution for the audiophile. A second full-length album and audiovisual work was released on May 11th, 2015 under the title ‘False Awakenings’. The audiovisual performance with the same title was premiered on May 16th, 2015 during FIBER Festival supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). His work is presented among others in places like TodaysArt Festival (NL), Gogbot Festival (NL), Appril Festival (NL), Bozar Museum (BE), Venice Biennale (IT), and The Vortex (UK). Through a series of collaborations with among others visual artist Emmanuel Flores Elias, choreographer Lia Haraki and creative coder Matthias Oostrik he has produce sound and software for video, dance and installation work.

© 2016 Pandelis Diamantides

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